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The best way to learn a language is to live, eat and breathe it. Taking a course in a foreign country is fun. It's also exciting to learn in a different environment and to gain knowledge about that country and its people. There is no better way to learn a language than by living and mixing with native-speakers.  You'll speak the language when you're out shopping, having a beer with new friends, reading the local newspapers or watching television. You'll find that your language skills will improve in leaps and bounds!

The courses range from Beginners through to Advanced. At the same time, you'll learn about a different culture and people and be able to explore the country. If you'd like to learn a language we haven't listed, please contact us because we can probably arrange it for you!

Argentina Brazil China Ecuador India


Learn Spanish in Argentina

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires
Study Spanish on a structured course at the University of Buenos Aires or with private tutors who will tailor your lessons to your individual needs. All lessons are available at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level.

Private lessons have no set start and finish dates. Private lessons are recommended if you are a complete beginner. University of Buenos Aires courses are one-month intensive courses of 15 hours per week, three hours of classes a day and all classes are in the afternoon.


Learning Portuguese in Brazil

Portuguese Courses in Rio de Janeiro

Study Portuguese (Brazilian) at an established Language School in Rio de Janeiro with an excellent reputation. The experienced teachers ensure that you have an enjoyable experience learning Portuguese.  Lessons are usually one-to-one and can be taken for 10 or 20 hours a week for a more intensive course. All levels of study are available, from Beginner through to Advanced.


Learn Mandarin in China

Intensive Mandarin Courses at University in Yantai
Take Mandarin Language courses at the University of Yantai in Shandong Province. A typical class size is 25 students, and the teaching staff are professors or lecturers who are accredited and experienced in teaching Mandarin to foreign students. The course is designed to immerse international students in the Chinese language and culture.

All areas of the language will be covered in your course: reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.


Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Learn Spanish in Quito
All levels of courses are available, from beginner to advanced. Learning a language at this wonderful school is fun! You'll be taught by experienced teachers who make every lesson interesting and they even organise great cultural activities as well!

The classes are highly focused on the development of communication skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). You'll have the choice between group lessons, or private lessons:


Learn Tamil in India

Tamil Language Lessons in Madurai

Learn Tamil for a few hours a week as an Optional Add-On alongside your main project. You can take as little as one lesson or 4, 8 or 12 week courses for a few hours each week.

Your lessons will be individually tailored to your requirements and are conducted at the home of a local retired Lecturer who worked at Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai for 27 years.

Learn Portuguese in Brazil

Language Courses overseas

Learn Mandarin in China

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