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Play a meaningful role in helping to preserve threatened and endangered species. There is so much you can do to help!

Work hands-on with lion cubs in Zambia, or Orang Utans in Malaysia, or help rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and abused animals in South Africa - and lots, lots more! Worthwhile, sustainable conservation!

 You don't need any qualifications to volunteer and anyone from 17+ is welcome on our projects!

America Argentina Australia
Cambodia China Ecuador
Indonesia Bali Malaysia Peru
South Africa Sri Lanka Thailand
Zambia Zimbabwe  
Marine Projects Veterinary  

Amazon Rainforest Conservation
This is a multi-activity project where you'll benefit from the training components and actively assist in the environmental monitoring study at multiple locations. As you stay longer, you will take on increasing levels of data collection and project management responsibilities. Some adventure activities are also included.

You arrive in the ancient Inca city of Cusco and then travel to your project through the High Andes where you’ll learn about the Cloud Forest. Then you descend into the Amazon via motorised canoe down the Madre de Dios River. The journey to the project is spectacular, an exciting adventure in itself!

Mom Epic and Baby Kudo  

Rehabilitate Abused Wild Mustang Horses in Florida
This is a project with a huge heart. You'll assist in a Center that rescues mustangs that would have been put to death. The horses (who are often close to death when they reach the Center), are nursed back to health and then trained with positive reinforcement and love to become adoptable.

These traumatised horses must spend time with lots of different people, to learn that not all people are bad! This is critical in order for them to be adopted into homes where they'll be well looked after for the rest of their lives.

Rehabilitate Monkeys and Primates in Argentina  

Monkey and Primate Rescue and Rehabilitation near Cordoba
This project has three main aims – to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually release the monkeys back into the wild, so that they are self-sufficient. The monkeys are often in a terrible condition. Many are malnourished and unable to fend for themselves after being separated from their mother.

You'll assist in helping to rehabilitate the monkeys, including the orphaned babies, with the objective of one day being able to release them back into the wild to live a natural, happy life.  


Conservation in Australia


Animal Care in a Rehabilitation Center in Perth
A rewarding opportunity to volunteer at a fascinating Wildlife Rehabilitation centre that provides medical care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife throughout the whole of Perth.

You'll assist in taking care of a variety of different mammals, reptiles and birds that need help, as well as working with plants and trees, habitat restoration and heritage protection. like wallabys, possoms, kangaroos, lizards, tortoises, snakes and a range of different birds, such as cockatoos and swallows and many more!

Volunteer with Dolphins in Bunbury, Western Australia
Contribute to the well-being of dolphins in an idyllic setting at a non-profit Center committed to dolphin research, education, conservation and tourism. The Center enables people to interact with Bottlenose dolphins in a variety of ways.

There are up to 100 dolphins living in the Bay and groups of them regularly visit the shallow waters in front of the Center. The project runs from 1 October to 31 May every year.

Help to conserve the temples of Banteay Chhmar in Cambodia  

Temple Conservation and Restoration in Cambodia:
The secret and hidden area of Banteay Meanchey contains some of Cambodia's best kept secrets, the ancient temples of Banteay Chhmar. These massive temples are widely regarded as some of the most important archaeological complexities of the Angkor period. 

On this project you be working with a local team to assist in the renovation and preservation of the temples.


Turtle Conservation, Rescue and Release in China with Travelers Worldwide

Panda Conservation in China:
Work in the largest Panda base in China, where the focus is on protecting and building a safe environment in which to begin the reintroduction of Giant Pandas into the wild. 

There are only 1,600 pandas left. They are listed as the most endangered species in the world, making this experience a true once in a lifetime opportunity.


Turtle Conservation on Hainan Island
Rescue, Rehabilitate, Research, Raise, and Release. This Turtle Conservation program is based in Huidong city, Guangdong province, China where you will be helping protect its local sea turtles. You’ll help maintain their environment, take part in their breeding efforts, raise hatchlings, and release turtles back into their natural habitat. Together with local staff, you’ll learn more about them and help these endangered creatures re-populate the wild.



Galapagos Islands Conservation, Reforestation and Community Project
Help preserve the native and endemic forests of San Cristobal Island. This project combines environmental, community and social initiatives to improve the sustainability of the islands. Plus, it’s loads of fun!

The Center is popular with international volunteers and there is loads going on, from horse-riding therapy, to wandering giant tortoises, to reforestation work, to coaching football to local kids. And you can jump on a bike and head down the mountain into the local town for even more action!

Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release in the Ecuadorian Rainforest
Help a Quechua family-run Center to rescue, rehabilitate and, where possible, release wild animals in the fight again trafficking, abuse and hunting of wild species.

You'll work with a Foundation dedicated to caring for animals that have nowhere else to go. Some are orphans because their parents were killed by hunters, others were rescued from animal dealers, and others were rescued from people who kept them in small cages!

Turtle Conservation and Rehabilitation in Bali in Indonesia  

Turtle Conservation and Rehabilitation on the Island of Nusa Penida in Bali
You'll work on an island which is a 45 minute speed boat ride from mainland Bali. You'll contribute to collecting vital baseline data and, depending on  time of the year, you may identify turtle species, collect eggs, monitor nests or see hatchlings get safely to sea.

During the day, you'll also teach English at one of the local schools on the island. Few native English speakers have taught English here before, so your experience is guaranteed to be an authentic one!



Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation & Conservation Project

Orang-Utans are astonishingly gentle, highly intelligent and they gaze at you with almost disconcerting frankness! At Sepilok you'll work with these gentle red apes in their natural environment. You'll also work with Sun Bears at Sepilok, another endangered but less well-known species in Borneo.

  • Learn about managing juvenile Orang-Utans in the Outdoor Nursery.

  • Learn about managing baby Orang-Utans in the Indoor Nursery / Clinic.

  • Conduct a Field Survey on the Orang-Utan population

  • And so much more!

This project is extremely popular and gets booked up very quickly, so we strongly advise that you book early!

Care for Animals at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
Up close and personal with Borneo's native wildlife: Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is Borneo's newest attraction and home to many of Sabah's native and threatened species.This excellent project is all about caring - caring for animals, caring about conservation, caring about species survival, and caring about educating children and adults in how to treat animals.

The native species at the Park include Orang-utans, Proboscis Monkeys, Pygmy Elephants (including two very charming baby Elephants) and a Pygmy Rhino. Also Tigers, a Clouded Leopard, Gibbons, Otters, Sun Bears, Giant Tortoise, Mouse Deer, Ostrich, Civets and an Aviary with talking birds.


Amazon Rainforest Conservation
This is a multi-activity project where you'll benefit from the training components and actively assist in the environmental monitoring study at multiple locations. As you stay longer, you will take on increasing levels of data collection and project management responsibilities. Some adventure activities are also included.

You arrive in the ancient Inca city of Cusco and then travel to your project through the High Andes where you’ll learn about the Cloud Forest. Then you descend into the Amazon via motorised canoe down the Madre de Dios River. The journey to the project is spectacular, an exciting adventure in itself!


Whale and Dolphin Monitoring and conservation research in South Africa

Capturing a Sable on the Wildlife Conservation Project in South Africa


Whale and Dolphin Monitoring And Research in Knysna in South Africa
Joining this Marine Research programme will give you an opportunity to be exposed to all aspects of this exciting industry, from conservation and research of Whales and Dolphins, to all other aspects of the day-to-day running, including marketing, liaising with clients, crewing and guiding on the boats, doing land-to-sea observations/spotting, assisting with community projects and educating the local children about the sea and lagoon.

Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation and Release in KwaZulu-Natal
The best cage is an empty cage! Work in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre that is also a wildlife hospital that cares for injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. You'll work with over 400 different animals and birds, and lots of monkeys!

Become part of an amazing team of wildlife experts specialising in the rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release of various wild animals that may have been injured or orphaned.

Care for Animals in a Wildlife Sanctuary near Port Elizabeth
Hands-on work with injured or abandoned animals of all types. You'll assist in a very caring Sanctuary set in a small private game reserve in the Eastern Cape. You'll assist in hand-rearing, feeding and generally looking after many different animal species, including over 250 different species of birds.

The sanctuary receives many abandoned, abused, injured or orphaned animals that all need love and attention to prepare them for life back in the wild, if possible, or a safe life in the Sanctuary. Many animals breed there, so there are often young animals to care for that need regular feeding and attention. This is a very hands-on experience and one that leaves you immensely satisfied.

Zululand Wildlife and Game Reserve Conservation Expedition
Work on four very different Game Reserves, each with their own unique beauty and attraction. You'll gain a wealth of conservation knowledge and experience working under qualified conservation experts and on location out in the bush. You'll experience Africa in a way that no mere tourist can!

  • The Zululand Wildlife Conservation Expedition is completely unique. You'll get involved with some of the most exciting, endangered and priority species conservation work in the heart of Africa.

  • You'll work across different Game Reserves, each unique.

  • You'll work with a professional team (supported by WWF) and with endangered species like the Cheetah, African Wild Dog and Black Rhino, and priority species like Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo.

This project is extremely popular and gets booked up very quickly, so we strongly advise that you book early!

Vervet Monkey Care, Rehabilitation and Release in Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal
Help to care for, rehabilitate and release injured and abandoned Vervet Monkeys back into the wild to live a free and natural life.

This is a wonderful project that encompasses all aspects of Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Conservation ... not to be missed! 

You'll work with a Non-Profit Organisation that specialises in the care, rehabilitation & return to the wild of Vervet Monkeys that have been injured, orphaned or displaced, usually as a result of actions on the part of people

Veterinary, Wildlife Game Capture and Conservation in a Game Reserve in Northern South Africa
Your work will offer a variety of opportunities, including some veterinary experience, participation in some game captures (which are hugely exciting!), and some community work. You'll experience and witness some extraordinary sights, but also learn a great deal about African wildlife. You may also get involved in other conservation-related fields, including wildlife monitoring.

The amount of time you will have in the different areas will vary depending on the length of time you're there and what type of work is taking place or required at that time.


Volunteer Jenny Short with an Elephant

Help with Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

An Elephant Experience at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
This renowned Orphanage provides care and shelter for around 80 elephants that are either too old to work, have been abused, or have been found abandoned. This is an elephant experience rather than conservation.

Visitors from all over the world come to see the 80+ elephants that live there, including some small babies who have been born into the herd. The daily highlight is the walk from the Orphanage down to the river to bathe the elephants. It's amazing to watch an entire herd splashing around and rolling in the river, just a few feet in front of you!

"This project is fabulous and if you love elephants, like me - book. Seriously, BOOK NOW!" Jo Packer

Elephant and Wildlife Conservation in Wasgamuwa National Park
Help conserve the Elephants and other wildlife of Sri Lanka in Wasgamuwa National Park. The main aim of thise project is to "save elephants, other biodiversity and their habitats by helping people".

The activities on this project are diverse - one moment you could be observing elephants overnight in a tree-house, and the next you could be helping to reduce human-elephant conflict within the national park.

NEW! Help with Turtle Conservation in Ambalangoda
This Project works towards preventing the extinction of sea turtles, a critically endangered species. You will help in the rehabilitation and release back into the sea of turtles that are usually victims of commercial fishing. 

You'll assist in treating injured and sick sea turtles, protecting nests, and rescuing eggs so that they can be hatched without incident in the safety of our hatchery.




Hands-On Care for Elephants in North-East Thailand
Work hands-on with elephants, giving them lots of care, and also be helping to improve the living conditions of captive elephants in Thailand. You'll work very hands-on with 8 elephants, but you'll be surrounded by up to 200 elephants. The experience of being in the middle of such a huge number of these majestic creatures is awesome!

The project is based approx 7 hours drive North-East of Bangkok. This project includes a one night stay in a hotel in Bangkok on arrival, plus transfers to and from the project.



Lion Breeding, Research, Rehabilitation and Release near Livingstone
Extremely close encounters with Lions! The location is close to the famous Victoria Falls. This is a unique project where you can experience lions on a Game Reserve - an unbelievable experience!

Your work will assist in helping this project to continue and, over the long term, will also hopefully contribute to preventing the decrease in the lion population in Africa.


The Walk With Lions and Lion Breeding Projects in Zimbabwe


Walk with Lions: Lion Breeding, Research, Rehabilitation and Release in Gweru or Victoria Falls
Choose from two different locations, Gweru or Victoria Falls. On both projects you'll get up close and personal with lion cubs - this is hands-on work in the true sense, set in a wonderful environment on a Game Reserve.

You'll work on the world’s leading program for the release of lions back into the wild. You'll walk alongside lions as part of the pride and enjoy the exhilaration of being part of a hunt as the young cubs learn to stalk their prey. And more, you'll experience the African bush in a very special way. You will be actively involved in a number of conservation activities.

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Conservation Projects with Travellers Worldwide

Volunteering in Conservation

Additional Information on this page...

1. Elephant Sanctuary: Care For Elephants In Surin: Care for elephants hands-on.

2. Wildlife Rehabilitation and Care for Animals in South Africa: Rescue, Rehabilitate and Set Free - It doesn't get more satisfying than that!
3. Orphaned Elephants at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka, an awesome experience!
4. Marine Conservation with Dolphins and Whales: Near Cape Town in South Africa - a WOW experience!
5. The Amazing Amazon Rainforest!: Outstanding Conservation in Peru

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"This has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to have such contact and involvement with elephants. The best bit has to be sitting with the mahouts at the water's edge with Saboo a female elephant standing over me lapping up the attention. She loves the roof of her mouth to be tickled!" Sarah Molkenthin

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Hands-on conservation work at Colombo Zoo in Sri Lanka with Travellers Voluntary Projects


Play a meaningful role in helping to preserve threatened and endangered species.

You don’t need any qualifications, just a love of animals and nature. You can help in many, many ways, for example, by making a hammock for a monkey in captivity or sitting in a hide in the bush observing the behaviours of the elusive leopard. Your work might involve washing an orphaned elephant under palm trees or walking the African plains with baby lion cubs to help prepare them for eventual release.

With around 25 very different conservation projects around the world, and over 11 years of experience, Travellers can help you to make a direct and immediate difference. Our projects are situated around Africa, Asia and South America, and the variety of projects is vast. You may want to work hands-on in rehabilitation work such as with Orang-Utans in Borneo’s rainforests, or you may want to learn the survival skills of the bush and get involved in important conservation research. You might instead want to don some flippers and head under the sea to explore precious marine life species.

The choice is the hardest bit! You can work with monkeys, elephants, horses, apes, crocodiles, frogs, plants, dolphins, the great white shark, leopards, rhino, tortoise, coral, reptiles, birds, fish and, well, pretty much any species you’re interested in - exciting stuff!!

The type of work varies depending on the project and country you choose. We have projects which include aspects of the following: interaction & play, field research, safaris, washing, feeding, preparing food, observation, night watches, creative psychological stimulation for the animals, cleaning duties, enrichment projects, releases into the wild, diving, trekking, darting, learning, educating, photographing, building, painting and much more depending on the requirements of the project.

Whatever you find yourself doing, it will be worthwhile and satisfying. The consequence of your contribution, the bond you develop with nature and the memories that you’ll take home with you, are immeasurable and they last a lifetime. Make a difference - get involved!


Travellers appreciate the urgent need to educate the people of today about our world’s endangered species and eco-systems. The people who need educating on the importance of conservation are consumers in the Western world, the local people who live close to wildlife, and local authorities and councils who have the power to protect their immediate environment but not the knowledge of how sacred our endangered species are.

We are actively involved in many important conservation initiatives around the world. We believe that protecting our animal species and our planet is of vital necessity. Taking action and increasing awareness now is necessary for our future generations. If action is not taken immediately, the repercussions in a generation or two will be cause for global emergency. By then, however, all of nature’s precious resources will have been used up, destroyed by the fundamental problem of human greed and a critical lack of awareness.

According to the World Conservation Union (IUCN), 15,589 species of animals and plants are threatened with extinction and many ecosystems – wetlands, forests – are being degraded and destroyed…

The World Conservation Union, along with its affiliates, is vigorously promoting scientific research into eco-systems. What is needed urgently, however, is to spread awareness and to educate the world. There is no better way to do this than to send motivated and conscientious people like YOU out into the wilderness to absorb and appreciate nature at its most glorious, and at it’s most vulnerable. Travellers promotes and enables first-hand experience and education of conservation issues for everyone and anyone who cares. Creating interest and an awareness of conservation amongst people is critical… as critical as the hands on help in research, rehabilitation and animal welfare development that you physically provide on these placements.

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  • Identifying worthwhile conservation work around the world that requires hands on assistance and/or funding assistance

  • Implementing conservation projects around the world

  • Continuously monitoring the work to ensure that it provides adequate support, structure, comfort and satisfaction for the volunteers

  • Continuously seeking to ensure future development of a worthwhile program.

  • Providing structured and safe conservation projects for inexperienced volunteers with an interest in conservation

  • Marketing these opportunities to make people aware of how they can help despite time or money restrictions

  • Recruiting self-funding volunteers from around the world

  • Providing and arranging the opportunity of short-term work in established conservation roles for paying volunteers (meaning no cost at all to the projects, because their funds are limited and need to be retained for purely conservation aims)

  • Ensuring valuable, worthwhile work that develops the volunteer, the animals and the local community (a win-win-win situation!)

  • The Phil Perkes Trust, established to honour Phil Perkes', Travellers' Co-Founder whose  wish was to help the less advantaged, provides valuable funding towards meaningful projects in conservation for each and every volunteer that does a Travellers’ placement.

Just some of Travellers donations to worthy conservation causes (see also Making a Difference) include:

  • Supporting the staff and the work of the Endangered Species project in South Africa during a financially troubled time in order to continue its valuable research into endangered species in Africa and allowing volunteers to continue to help with this crucial work. - It’s the little things that matter.

  • Continuous donations per volunteer to Sepilok’s Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Center in Borneo, plus additional donations to the Orang-Utan Appeal

  • Enabling research and education by sponsoring the Director + team of Sri Lanka’s Zoo to attend an international symposium in the UK on zoological enrichment.

  • Funding the medical care program for all the staff at Colombo Zoo.

If you care about Conservation, if you would like to learn more or leave your mark on the earth...

Free Brochure on Conservation Projects

Make a Difference... Get involved!

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