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Voluntary Projects in Australia

WELCOME TO THE LAND 'DOWN UNDER'... Skip with Kangaroos, dive the Great Barrier Reef, surf on Bondi Beach, BBQ Shrimps or drink an ice cold tinny.........

Our programmes are located in the laid-back sunshine city of Perth, Western Australia, and in New South Wales. You can teach, coach sports, do conservation and internships.

Work Experience
More About Australia

If you do any placement in Perth, an Indigenous Heritage tour in Kings Park, Perth's No. 1 tourist attraction, is included in your itinerary, free of charge!

Animal Care in a Rehabilitation Center in Perth in Australia
A rewarding opportunity to volunteer at a fascinating Wildlife Rehabilitation centre that provides medical care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife throughout the whole of Perth.

You'll assist in taking care of a variety of different mammals, reptiles and birds that need help, as well as working with plants and trees, habitat restoration and heritage protection. like wallabys, possoms, kangaroos, lizards, tortoises, snakes and a range of different birds, such as cockatoos and swallows and many more!

Animal Care in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Perth

Volunteer with Dolphins in Western Australia
Up close and personal with wild Dolphins! You'll contribute to the well-being of dolphins in an idyllic setting at a non-profit Center committed to dolphin research, education, conservation and tourism. There are up to 100 dolphins living in the Bay and groups of them regularly visit the shallow waters in front of the Center. The project runs from 1 October to 31 May every year


Animal Conservation in a Wildlife Park in Bunbury, Western Australia
Work with animals, birds, plants, ecosystems, tourism and more, in an organisation that is dedicated to conserving Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems. The Wildlife Park is a community-based volunteer-run organisation offering a Native Animal based experience, grounds keeping experience, retail/tourism experience, or a combination to suit your individual requirements.

Animal Conservation in a wildlife Park in Bunbury, Australia

Animal Conservation in a Wildlife Park in Bunbury, Western Australia
Get the most out of your Aussie Conservation experience by working in two wildlife centres in two different locations in Western Australia.
Help all types of animals throughout the whole of Perth. You'll work at the Rehabilitation Center as well as on various different projects throughout the city.
Work in a Wildlife Park in Bunbury, a beautiful town on the coast south of Perth that has over 60 varieties of Australian birds and marsupials.

Animal Conservation in a wildlife Park in Bunbury, Australia

Law Internship in a Well-established Practice in Perth, Australia
Gain experience in the day-to-day running of a law practice. As with any law placement, the work you’ll be involved with will vary according to your own abilities and to what the company requires from you at the time you’re there. Your office work will vary from day to day, case to case, and intern to intern. The law practice is located in the CBD, so you'll be very conveniently positioned.

Journalism Work Experience at a Newspaper in Perth, Australia
Gain worthwhile experience working in the fast-pace, professional environment of a privately-owned suburban newspaper in the Perth Metropolitan area in Western Australia.

If you're seeking further experience in this area or you've just finished your journalism degree, this internship could be just the thing you're looking for. The exposure you gain will give you an extraordinary insight into Australian journalism and an excellent addition to your CV.

Journalism Internship on a newspaper in Australia

Radio Broadcasting Internship on a Community Radio Station in Perth, Australia
Gain worthwhile experience on a community station. You'll assist in putting together programmes for airing and also get involved in production, script-writing, station management, and much more. You'll contribute both on and off the airwaves and assist in many areas, from producing and announcing to audio production, administration, programming, event organising, fundraising, sponsorship and maintenance.

Michael Atkinson, Radio Internship in Australia

Sports Internship in a Mainstream High School in Perth, Australia
Intern in the Sports Department, working with the Head of Department and the PE Teachers. You'll combine coaching with sports administration, lesson planning, monitoring student performance, assisting the PE teachers in all aspects of their work, assisting with lessons, and much more.

TV and TV Production Work Experience in Perth
Intern in television: television production, editing and/or scriptwriting. Television is an exciting medium to work in, whether you are going out on site with a film crew, playing a role in interviewing, helping to write and edit a story or even helping in administration. You'll work in areas such as camera and sound, script writing, research, presenting, business administration and marketing.

Television Internship in Australia

Teach Children in Schools and Refugee Centres in Perth in Australia
Work as an assistant teacher in the school’s Intensive English Center (IEC), which was established to give refugee children, who have just arrived in Australia through the United Nations Refugee program, the opportunity to learn English and adapt to the Australian education system before going into mainstream school education.


Coach Sports and Teach Refugee Children in Perth in Australia
Combine coaching sports with teaching to children in Primary Schools in Perth. You'll be able to coach refugee children and also do some teaching at the same time, thus helping them to adjust and settle into their new home country. Your sports coaching and teaching combined will help them to learn new skills and give them the confidence to interact with their Australian peers on a level playing field (pardon the pun).

Coach Sports to Refugee Children in Australia

CAN'T CHOOSE? Call our Australia Project Consultants, Joanna May, for free advice and guidance on which Project would be best for you.

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me arrange my project in Perth. I had such and amazing time and left with an unforgettable experience. I'll definitely advise 'Travellers' to anybody hoping for a similar opportunity and experience! I'm already planning my return to Australia after I finish University! Thank you once again!"
Keira Rowsome

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Welcome to the land 'Down Under...' 

Whatever you do, visit Australia! Skip with Kangaroos, dive the Great Barrier Reef, catch the surf on Bondi Beach, marvel at the size of Uluru, BBQ Shrimps or drink an ice cold tinny......... The sheer size, amazing natural wealth, awesome scenery and huge variety of plant and animal life make this unique destination one of the most incredible places on earth!

If you do any placement in Perth, an Indigenous Heritage tour in Kings Park, Perth's No. 1 tourist attraction, is included in your itinerary, free of charge!

Western Australia has earned its reputation as the 'State of Excitement' - this action packed destination will give you a taste of the real Australia!

Australia’s most striking feature is it's variety of landscapes.. with endless miles of unspoilt beaches (over 7,000 beaches - more than any other nation), tropical rainforests, mountain ranges and huge areas of desert - the famous 'outback'. The natural scenery is unbeatable.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but has the lowest population density (20 million) with just 2 people per square kilometre. In this vast country the population of Kangaroos outnumbers humans by 2:1...


How big is Australia?

  • There are 3 time zones within Australia.

  • It takes around 3 hours to fly between Sydney and Cairns, up the east coast of Australia.

  • Australia is around 24 times the size of the British Isles

  • There are cattle ranches in parts of Australia that are the size of Wales in the UK!

Australians are known for their love of life and enjoyment of the great outdoors. While Australians have a relatively short history they have quickly developed their own unique culture - with their love of the humble meat pie, the arts and music, sport (Australian Rules Football is the national game), the beach and BBQs.

Visitors maybe confused when first arriving in Australia. While it's common knowledge that Australians speak English, you may hear a unique colloquial language. You'll hear words such as ‘G’day’, 'fair dinkum', and 'cobber'. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it and will be talking like an Aussie in no time!

Our programs are based in Perth, the gateway and capital city of Western Australia (WA). Of the almost two million people that live in Western Australia, the vast majority reside in the state’s capital. Perth was settled on the banks of the Swan River in the 1800s and leaves a lasting impression on all of its visitors.

Perth’s brilliant blue skies and warm sunny climate must be experienced to be believed. Perth is said to have the most days of sunshine of any capital city in Australia. There is always plenty to do in this sophisticated and scenic city – enjoy water sports on the Swan River, sample local wine or explore the 400 hectares of natural bushland in central Kings Park.

Perth is also the home of the world’s oldest operating mint (where gold and silver production can be seen), numerous museums and art galleries, historic buildings full of character, a five-star resort and casino and a great variety of shopping - all of which are only minutes from the Central Business District. Perth boasts over 80 kilometres of white sandy beaches to sunbathe on – the most popular being Cottesloe and Scarborough, both within easy reach of the city.

Northbridge is Perth’s cultural and entertainment area, just a few minutes walk north of Perth City the other side of the train station. Northbridge is home to a number of pubs, nightclubs, bars, cafes, shops, galleries and oh so many restaurants!

Perth is an ideal base from which you can explore the diverse surrounding attractions too. You can visit wineries at Margaret River, swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment at Monkey Mia, explore the colourful port city of Fremantle or vacation on Rottnest Island. Rottnest, or ‘Rotto’ as it is affectionately known, is a small island inhabited by native marsupials, situated just off the coast of Perth. It's famous for its excellent snorkelling, diving, surfing and swimming. WA is also home to some of the best and largest surfing waves in the world, white sandy beaches and a virtually untouched coral reef stretching for 260km!

Why Perth?
Over 5 million tourists arrive in Australia each year, many of them heading for Australia's popular east coast. The east coast is certainly not to be missed, but to get an experience of real Australia we recommend that you avoid the crowds and head for WA. It's much less touristy, there's more left to be discovered and you will have lots more opportunities to mix with the locals. After all, that's part of the reason you're there!

We recommend a 1, 2 or 3-month placement in WA followed by independent travel - we can assist with flights and ideas of things to do in other parts of Australia if required (see also 'Things to Do in Australia, below).

Courtesy of Western Australia Tourism (www.westernaustralia.com
) :

  • Fremantle - Spend a few days in Fremantle is an absolute must. Just a 30 minute drive from Perth's city center. Freo, as it's known by locals is a vibrant port city you can't miss.

  • Rottnest Island - Just offshore from Perth, Rottnest Island is where the locals go to swim at white-sand beaches, snorkel in turquoise water over shipwrecks, or kick back and go fishing. Rotto, as it's called locally, is a car-free zone, which adds to its relaxed feel.

  • Margaret River - No trip to Western Australia is complete without a pit stop at Margaret River. Originally a chilled out surfie town, Margaret River has evolved into the ultimate smorgasbord of good food, fine wine and spectacular scenery - just a three-and-a-half hour drive south of Perth.

  • Albany - Prepare to be blown away by Albany's dramatic convict history, set against a backdrop of rugged granite coastline, green seas and a wild beauty that tugs at the heartstrings. Step back in time and explore convict jails, old taverns, whaling ships and settlers' cottages and grand National Trust homes in beautifully landscaped grounds.

  • Denmark - You'll fall in love with Denmark - where towering tall trees meet the ocean. The town has a relaxed village atmosphere, romantic timber milling history and incredible coastal scenery.

  • Ningaloo Reef - Take a dive with hundreds of tropical fish, amazing coral formations and the world's biggest fish, the whale shark, at unspoilt Ningaloo Reef.

  • Monkey Mia - Monkey Mia is one of Western Australia's most famous dolphin watching destinations.

  • Shark Bay - The Shark Bay World Heritage Area was Western Australia's first World Heritage Listed site and one of only 16 Australia wide that fit all four selection criteria. Shark Bay's wilderness and natural wonders make for a unique vacation.

  • The Pinnacles - The extraordinary ancient rock formations that make up the Pinnacles are located about a three-hour drive north of Perth near the coastal town of Cervantes.

  • Kalgoorlie - Get ready for a heady trip to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia's largest goldfields town famed for its fascinating gold rush history, fabulous old buildings and old gold miners' ghost towns.

  • Esperance - For squeaky-white beaches, getting off the beaten track and bunking down under the stars, head south to Esperance. This place is so relaxed even the kangaroos sun bake on the beach.

  • Bunbury - The cosmopolitan city of Bunbury, just two hours drive south of Perth, is located on a spectacular peninsular surrounded by blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Koombana Bay and the Leschenault Inlet.

Cities on the East Coast include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns. Sydney has one of the most instantly recognisable Skylines in the world, where sunset views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are unforgettable. If you're feeling brave you can arrange to climb the Harbour Bridge - a 52 tonne structure!

Sydney also has excellent nightlife, cuisine from around the world, many parks and museums, and not far from the city some incredible mountainous scenery. Many people don't realise that Sydney is not actually the capital of Australia - it's nearby Canberra, the countries political center. Manly beach and the famous Bondi Beach, two popular surfing spots, are both located near Sydney.

More about their restaurants and food: The variety is immense, from Chinese, Modern Aussie, Italian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Greek, French, and fusion cooking is very popular. The best pizzas I've ever had were in Sydney, but I drew the line at croc burgers and kangaroo!

Sydney is also very conveniently located for a trip up the coast to the Great Barrier Reef. These islands are incredible - beautiful, no, absolutely gorgeous! The waters are clear and warm, the coral is an awesome sight and the beaches are truly golden sands. A trip to various islands by boat is a must-see thing to do - don't leave Australia without this experience!

Melbourne is very different to any other city in Australia. There are lots of historic arcades and laneways where you can spend many fascinating hours browsing. These give the city a very unique feel about it. There are gems to be found around every corner, from high-end restaurants and chic cafes, to hidden away bars and fashion boutiques.

There are lots of lush gardens throughout the city, many, many parks and lots of venues where they have rock gigs, plays, festivals ... and not forgetting the blockbuster sporting events - Aussies love their sports and working up a sweat! There are lots of trendy clubs nd bars, live music, comedy, jazz, cinema, cabaret and old-style pubs. Melbourne isn't known as the city of culture for nothing.

The thing that stands out for me in Melbourne is the architecture. There is a fascinating mix of old and new. The historic architecture is so interesting that you find yourself walking around with your eyes pointed upwards, and getting a crick inyour neck! But it's worth it.


VIDEO: Experience Extraordinary Western Australia

Volunteering projects in Australia

VIDEO: An Amazing Taxi Ride

Volunteering projects in Australia

Read Richard Cowley's thoughts about Australia

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Volunteering projects in Australia
Melbourne at night

“One warm morning while running round Herrison island (a local island on the Swan river close to our accommodation), the sky was clear blue; Kangaroos where grazing the grass around me while the Swan River dolphins played in the river. On the bank, families were playing games and cooking up Barbie Brekkies (yes, they even have BBQ in the morning!)." Andy Kemp



Although Australia is the largest island in the world with more beaches than any other country, it is also the smallest continent, as well as the flattest, lowest and driest! There are many unforgettable sights to see... exploring this incredible land will make you feel as though you have stepped into a postcard.

Cities on the East Coast include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns. Sydney has one of the most instantly recognisable Skylines in the world, where sunset views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are unforgettable. If you're feeling brave you can arrange to climb the Harbour Bridge - a 52 tonne structure! Sydney also has excellent nightlife, cuisine from around the world, many parks and museums, and not far from the city some incredible mountainous scenery. Many people don't realise that Sydney is not actually the capital of Australia - it's nearby Canberra, the countries political center. Manly beach and the famous Bondi Beach, two popular surfing spots, are both located near Sydney.

Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria and is the second largest city in Australia. Melbourne is very much about lifestyle with its vibrant energy, staggering choice of restaurants, funky boutiques, café-filled laneways, cool bars, unbeatable galleries, luscious parks and village-like inner suburbs. New futuristic designs combined with the Melbourne of old create a fascinating mix of architecture and ensures the skyline is constantly changing. A standing joke in Australia is that Melbourne can experience four seasons in a day but this is really just another example of how they have it all!

It truly is the city to have a cultural experience but don’t just see the many galleries, experience the local passion of Australia Rules Football (AFL). Victorians are passionate about AFL, so head down the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and enjoy a game – don’t forget to grab a meat pie!

Byron Bay and Noosa, located further north and close to Brisbane, are very popular for surfing and are good for professionals and amateurs! Further up the coast you'll reach Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. This protected region has over 100 freshwater lakes, ancient rainforests growing out of sand, and dunes stretching for miles.

The Great Barrier Reef, located along the East Coast of Australia, is the largest coral reef in the world and wonderful place to learn to dive or simply snorkel. North of Cairns the region of Cape Tribulation has some spectacular beaches backed by rainforest.

In Central Australia, Uluru is a must see. This sacred Aboriginal Meeting place, located in the middle of the outback, offers inspirational views, particularly at sunrise and sunset. Camping trips under the stars are popular. Nearby Kings Canyon, a less well known 'Grand Canyon' is another unforgettable site and something that everyone should see on a visit to Australia.

On the West Coast of Australia, between Perth and Broome, there are miles and miles of perfect sandy beaches. Excellent wreck diving is abundant around Perth and this is also one of the best places to learn to dive in Australia. There are also plenty of snorkelling and other water sports on offer around Perth. As the majority of Australia's 20 millions residents live close to the coast, beaches are an important part of life, and there are certainly plenty to choose from.

Surfing, Snorkelling, Diving, Sailing and all other water sports are plentiful - so much so that Australian Dollar Notes are waterproof, just in case you should leave them in your shorts by accident!

Volunteering projects in Australia



Australia's way of life was initially dominated by the heritage of its British settlers, who adapted their notably British traditions to a country with a much warmer climate. Sports, Outdoor activities, Music and the Arts all feature heavily in Australian culture. Since the arrival of European and Asian immigrants Australia has developed into more of a multi-cultural society, and many of the main cities are now very cosmopolitan.  

The first Australians are known as Aborigines, the word "aboriginal" meaning "native". They are estimated to have populated Australia for around 50,000 years, or roughly 200 times longer than "white" Australians. Different groups evolved in different parts of Australia and today there are hundreds of cultures and languages which are different but share the same basic beliefs. During the early parts of the European settlement Aborigines were displaced and persecuted. To this day there is still some discrimination against Aborigines, but they now have equal rights to other Australian citizens.

In Western Australia, and particularly Perth, a number of local Aboriginal-owned and Aboriginal-operated tourism businesses make it easy for locals and visitors to participate in unique indigenous experiences through Aboriginal arts and crafts.

AUSTRALIA is huge and there is so much to see and do.

See above for great ideas on what you can do during your placement in and around Perth and in the rest of the country.

With thanks to Lonely Planet for this map

List of ALL PROJECTS in Australia

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