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Help ‘Sports for All’ in Livingstone, and give children an opportunity they will never forget ... and neither will you. You'll coach underprivileged children in poor schools on our Total Sports program.

Travellers teamed up with the Ministry for Youth and Sport to establish a program that enables enthusiastic sports volunteers an opportunity to coach a big variety of sports in one place, including Basketball, Cricket, Football, Netball, Rugby, Volleyball, to underprivileged children in schools in Livingstone, very close to the awesome Victoria Falls!

You don't need any qualifications, just a good knowledge of your sport and a passion to pass your skills on to deserving children.

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Start Dates All year round - you choose your start and finish dates.
Duration Minimum stay is 1 week, up to 6 months or longer, subject to visa requirements
Requirements No qualifications required, just lots of enthusiasm.
Price/b> Full Price List
What's included Arranging your Program,
Full pre-departure support and assistance,
Payment Protection insurance
Meeting you at the nearest airport/station
All accommodation
Transfer to and from your project
In-country team support and backup
24-hr emergency support
Certificate of Completion
What's not included Flights, Insurance, Cost of Visa, Food, return transfer to the airport.
Who can do this Project?/span> All projects are open to all nationalities.
Unless otherwise stated, you need to be aged 18 +
Suitable for gap years or those taking a year out, grown-up gappers, career breakers, anyone interested in Sports or working with children overseas while doing voluntary work, sports coaching projects abroad, or study abroad.
Also available as a summer placement in Zambia or Africa, or anyone who can only get away for a short break


  • An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into Africa and the Zambian culture!

  • The enormous satisfaction of helping disadvantaged children and knowing that you made a difference to them.

  • New skills, more confidence, a greater understanding of a different culture, invaluable personal and professional development.

  • An entry on your CV or résumé that will put you head and shoulders above most others in the job market.

  • And best of all ... an unforgettable experience!



Our Total Sports Project is based in the quaint and lively Livingstone Town, right next door to the incredible Victoria Falls. Travellers has teamed up with the Ministry for Youth and Sport enabling your work to reach as many areas as possible. In this partnership we have set goals of re-igniting the passion for sports which has gradually dwindled in Zambia over the past 10 years. In this partnership we work with schools, sports clubs, academies, and are also arranging for street orphans to be taught English and sports during the week.

You'll also cover training techniques which are useful here but have not been used in Zambia. These workshops are excellent for sport in Zambia and you will be given a lot of help from our local manager with preparing these workshops (who is actually an ex-head teacher). With these work shops you may also actually go with representatives to rural villages to help promote sport and set up sports coaching for the villages.

While on your project you may also be asked to help arrange workshops, where you will help teach local sports teachers (including school coaches, sports club coaches, and even local rural chiefs) about the importance of sport. Not only will you help in the field, but you will also be in high demand at the head quarters helping plan yearly goals and aims for sport in Livingstone and the Southern Province, which may then ultimately have a huge effect on sport as a whole in Zambia! Below are a few examples of sports you can teach, but any sport is available - please contact us for more details if you would like to do something that isn't listed.

1. Coaching Football:
Football in Zambia, like the rest of Africa has a massive following! You will see many children playing in the street kicking home made footballs (plastic bags tied in a ball with string) as well as children and adults walking around in worn out replica Premiership football kits. This passion for football is also shown by the government and National team who use football as a tool to gain recognition of Zambia as a Nation.

Many schools practice football in Livingstone, but many lack good sports equipment. Where facilities are available it is generally a pot holed pitch with two warn goal posts (some made of metal and a lot with tree trunks with no nets), and a deflated football. Therefore, all schools appreciate the your help, but also the new footballs, cones, bibs etc that many volunteers kindly take with them, and the donations that Travellers continues to provide.

In Livingstone there are school cup competitions, and our focus is on providing football coaching for many schools that do not compete so well with larger schools. The other problem is that in Zambia they do not have any age differential cup competitions (due to lack of funds) and therefore you can find small young children playing against larger and older children! One of the aims is therefore to try and give the younger children a better opportunity to compete against the older children

You will coach football to children at schools and also assist the staff to arrange matches and tournaments. You'll also coach football in one or more schools in the local area, working together with the teachers.

Another excellent opportunity will be for volunteers to work hand in hand with football academies, helping train the children as well as scout local children in the schools where you teach. These academies are generally feeder clubs for teams in Zambia and the National Team, and even sometimes for overseas clubs!

Coaching takes place from Monday to Friday with optional training on the weekends. You will be coaching during P.E. lessons in a number of surrounding schools, usually from 9am – 3pm. After school, usually from 3:30pm – 6pm, you will be coaching a number of sports teams and even academies

2. Rugby:
The sad fact is that not many people have the opportunity to play or receive coaching in rugby in Zambia. As a Travellers rugby coach you will be working in a number of schools around Livingstone. You'll usually have sessions from 9 am to around 3 pm, Mondays to Fridays, coaching rugby during P.E. lessons. From 3:30 to 6.00 pm, you will be running coaching at after school clubs to a variety of ages.

As many people in Zambia will never have played rugby before, this project will be quite unique. We are keen to develop rugby in this area at the grassroots level and expose as many people as possible to the sport.

3. Volleyball:
Volleyball is a popular sport in Zambia. Many people play volleyball, but very few receive proper coaching on how to play volleyball. As a Travellers Volleyball coach, you will be working in a number of schools around Livingstone, usually from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday, coaching volleyball during P.E. lessons. From 3:30 to 6.00 pm, you will be running coaching at after school clubs to a variety of ages.

4. Cricket:
Cricket in Zambia is seen as an elitist sport, many people don’t get the chance to play cricket. As a Travellers cricket coach you will be working in a number of schools from Monday to Friday around Livingstone from 9 – 3 coaching cricket during P.E. lessons. From 3:30 to 6.00 pm, you will be running coaching at after school clubs to a variety of ages.

As many people in Zambia will never of played cricket before this project will be quite unique. We are keen to develop cricket at grass routes level and expose as many people to the sport as possible.

5. Netball/Basketball:
Netball and basketball are popular sports in Zambia. Many people play Netball and Basketball, but very few receive proper coaching on how to play. A lot of schools also have very poor facilities, so with Travellers' help and over time we hope to improve this for many schools in the area.

As a Travellers Netball and basketball coach, you will be working in a number of schools around Livingstone, usually from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday, coaching Netball and basketball during P.E. lessons. From 3:30 to 6.00 pm, you will be running coaching at after school clubs to a variety of ages.


Dates for the 2017 school terms (semesters) are as follows.

  • Term 1: 16 January – 13 April
  • Term 2: 15 May – 11 August
  • Term 3: 11 September – 8 December


You'll live in a small, modern, and lively hostel situated in the center of Livingstone. The hostel has a very large private garden shaded with huge mango trees, and a crystal clear swimming pool. It also has a lively, sociable bar area where many activities are arranged.

Livingstone has a Colonial feel to it and you will find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shops. Your accommodation is ideally situated and can offer excellent trips to places such as Lusaka.

You will be required to share a room with other other volunteers or guests of mixed gender. Food and drink is not provided on this placement. There is a local supermarket for you to buy food from and the hostel has cooking facilities for you to use or you can pay for meals at the hostel if you wish. Even better still why not try out some local dishes for a real Zambian experience!

At the time of writing, facilities at the hostel include; a swimming pool, recreation room with TV, internet cafe with internet access, a dining and kitchen area where food can be stored and access to telephones.

The hostel also has an in-house booking center, where many local activities can be booked (wildlife safaris, river cruises, river gorges, bungee jumping, white water rafting, treks, etc). They guarantee to offer the best deals in town and to beat any other lodge or booking center!

Many guests comment on the quality of the Hostel staff. They are their greatest asset and many have worked for them for over four years and some have been there since the Hostel opened. Staff turnover is very low and a family atmosphere has been created that adds tremendously to their guests' enjoyment.

The Hostel is also involved in a number of community projects. Recently they raised over US $2,000 for a local school. They sponsor a local youth football team, the police regatta team, local fund raising events and an annual day out for orphaned children on World tourism Day. They also sponsor Independence day celebrations.

There are plenty of opportunities to socialise with other volunteers and tourists.


Travellers support of a poor school in Zambia - making a difference!

Got any questions? Please email us: info@travelersworldwide.org

"This experience has un-doubtly changed the way I think, hopefully forever. When you see children laughing and joking and yet at the same time missing one shoe lace which makes sports difficult it makes you realise how very lucky our children are. The school are now including sports in the timetable, specifically football and from what I have seen they have some talented youngsters. Even after the lesson had finished, these children wanted to continue to play after school such was their delight.Adrian Miles

Once you have applied for a placement, we'll contact you and send you our Welcome Pack. You'll also receive Log-on details and password for our Volunteer Extranet where you'll have access to all the documentation and information which we've put together to facilitate preparations for your adventure!

Your Project Co-ordinator for your country will liaise with you throughout the arrangements process, as well as while you're on your placement and on your return home.

The documents you'll have access to also include a Country Factfile, Safety Guide and any manuals that may assist you on your particular program (e.g. Teaching Guide, Sports Manuals, Enrichment Suggestions for Animal Care, etc.). We do all we can to make your stay one that you'll never forget. This is a truly awesome, elegant and beautiful country.

As with all our destinations, the culture and heritage is different to what you're used to ... which, although one of the most exciting aspects of travelling, should be borne in mind.    Self-reliance and independence are highly appreciated in all our destinations and will help you to make the most of this wonderful opportunity! 

On Arrival, your Introduction to the Country:

When you arrive, you'll be welcomed by our in-country Organiser who will pick you up at the airport and take you to the accommodation, where you'll be introduced to everyone.He will show you the nearby facilities such as banks, pharmacy, food and beverage outlets etc. You will be made to feel very welcome by all.

Your adventure has begun :-)


Feedback on Coaching Sports Projects in Zambia with Travellers Worldwide

How your money helps

Click here to see an article published in the Western Morning News on Adrian Miles about his Sports Placement in Zambia


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(courtesy of Tongabezi Lodge)



While on your placements, you can also book some Optional Add-Ons to make the most of your Travel Experience.

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Any project in Zambia can also be combined with any of our other projects in Zambia - thus turbo-boosting your adventure and enjoyment! We would also recommend this combined with any of our children-related projects in South Africa


All our projects take place in Livingstone town, a quaint but lively area very close to Victoria Falls. You'll have plenty of opportunities to participate in the multitude of activities that surround the Falls, from white-water rafting and canoeing on the magnificent Zambezi River to bungy-jumping or game spotting in the Reserve.

Livingstone is a fun town where tourists come for adventure, sports and an adrenalin kick. It's very close to the awesome Victoria Falls and the powerful Zambezi River. Water sports are everywhere!

Livingstone is the capital of the Southern Province and is situated just north of the Zambezi River, which forms the border with Zimbabwe. It is a major tourist center serving visitors to the Falls, but the main streets of this colonial town, Mosi-oa-Tunya, are lined with classic colonial buildings, with Victorian tin roofed houses and wooden verandas.

The spectacular Victoria Falls Bridge is only about 10km away from Livingstone, and the area surrounding the Falls and Livingstone town have given it the name of ‘adrenaline capital of the world’.

Local attractions include not only the impressive Victoria Falls, but also Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, located adjacent to Victoria Falls, and Livingstone Game Park. Livingstone Museum has displays of historical African artefacts and memorabilia related to Scottish missionary David Livingstone and his exploration of the region in the 1850s.

Zambia encompasses everything magnificent about Africa - wildlife, birds, safaris, lakes, rivers, culture and adventure sports!

White water rafting is a must! If you are keen for the ultimate thrill then a multi-day trip along the Zambezi is it! The Zambezi provides the best rafting trip on the planet! You'll crash through some of the biggest commercially run rapids in the world. Batoka Gorge provides one of the most intense sensory thrills imaginable. Its twenty three whitewater rapids and striking scenery deep within the sheer black cliffs afford the adrenaline junkie a wild roller coaster ride along a route carved over millenia by the Great Zambezi.

Bungee Jumping for the very brave: The highest commercial bridge jump in the world in the most spectacular setting over the Zambezi River! This must be the ultimate adrenaline rush. It’s an indescribable feeling that will probably change your life !

And more: You can do riverboarding, abseiling, kayaking, canoeing, walking safaris, elephant back safaris, fishing, flights over Victoria Falls, quadbiking, golf and scuba diving. This is a real adventure playground!

The terrain is mostly high plateau with some hills and mountains, and the flora in Zambia is amongst the best in the world. The great Zambezi River also forms a natural riverine boundary with Zimbabwe, making Zambia one of the most beautiful countries to visit.

Along the southern border of the country stretches Lake Kariba, the largest man made lake in Africa and the second largest in the world. It is about 280kms long and 40kms across at its widest point.

"It is an unbelievable experience to go down the river on a boat and watch a herd of elephant bathing in the shallows and throwing water in their with their trunks while they keep a wary eye on you to ensure you don't get too close to their babies - it's an experience you never forget. I never have!"

To read about Travel arrangements and what happens when you arrive in your new country, please click here.

Support & Backup: To read about the excellent Support & Backup we provide before you leave and during your program, please click here.


Many children in Ghana don’t have the opportunity to receive proper coaching at a young age and they lack the basic ball skills and understanding of the game compared to those in Europe. You will be able to harness their enthusiasm and teach them how to use their raw talent more effectively and in a structured way.
Coach football and other sports to local children in underprivileged schools. Double your experience by combining this sports project with teaching in the schools for an all round, varied and exciting experience!