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Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers


Volunteering, gap year and career break in Brazil

Teach and entertain young children who come from extremely poor backgrounds in the beautiful beach town of Florianopolis.

You'll care for children ranging from 2 to 5 years. The activities are based on basic English lessons and playing educational games. Apart from general caring, you can also be involved in teaching them the alphabet, colours, names of animals, etc., by using flashcards, organising games, singing and narrating nursery rhymes - all these activities bring huge smiles to the children’s faces!

This is a great opportunity to spend time with the children of this wonderful island community.

This placement will add substantially to your CV or Résumé.

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Price Please see Full Price List / Other Currencies
Duration From 1 week to 6 months or longer, subject to visa requirements
Start Dates All year round, you choose your start and finish dates. Subject to school holidays, please see holiday dates below
Requirements No qualifications needed. Minimum age 17. You don't need any qualifications, but if you have some grasp of Portuguese or Spanish, that would be a big help.
What's included Arranging your Programme,
Full pre-departure support and assistance,
Payment Protection insurance

Meeting you at the nearest airport
Transfer to your accommodation
Transport to and from your project
Local in-country team support and backup
24-hr emergency support.
Certificate of Completion
What's not included Food, Flights, Insurance, Cost of Visas (if a visa is required), Return transfer to airport.
Who can do this Project? This project is open to all nationalities and all ages 17 and over.
Suitable for gap years or those taking a year out, grown-up gappers, career breakers, anyone interested in caring for children, teaching or working with children overseas while doing voluntary work, projects abroad or study abroad.
Also available as a summer placement or short break in Brazil or South America or South-East Asia, or for those interested in TEFL teaching.


  • An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into South America and the Brazilian culture

  • The enormous satisfaction of helping disadvantaged children and knowing that you made a difference to them.

  • New skills, more confidence, a greater understanding of a different culture, invaluable personal and professional development.

  • An entry on your CV or résumé that will put you head and shoulders above most others in the job market.

  • And best of all ... an unforgettable experience!

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers


Work with a wonderful crèche that has a lot of charm and where your help here will be greatly appreciated. The crèche provides children aged 2 to 5 years old with an opportunity to learn and play. They also encourage the parents to leave the children at the Centre in the morning and to attend the afternoon session so that all parents and all children interact! The Creche really has a homely feel to it.

Due to the level of poverty, neither the children nor their families have no knowledge of English, so basic lessons are really important. Teaching them the alphabet, colours, names of animals, etc., by using flashcards, organising games, singing and narrating nursery rhymes all bring huge smiles to the children’s faces.

Work you may be also involved in could include:

  •  Educational games and play time supervision

  •  Teaching English, and other general subjects to the children

  • Organising and facilitating games and plays for the children

  •  Preparing food for the children

  •  Helping the children eat

  •  Helping to clean and tidy the crèche

  •  Helping the children to wash their hands

  •  Nursing and caring for the children

  •  Educating the children about personal and environmental hygiene

  •  ...and anything else you think you can bring to these worthy institutes

You can choose how many hours you work a day, but your daily schedule will usually be Monday to Friday with your hours being 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon and/or 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

There are times when the crèche is closed due to holidays and festivals. Please see below:

  • Winter Holiday: 15th - 31st July 2017

  • Summer Holiday: 22nd December 2016 to 8th February 2017

Carnaval begins at midnight on the Friday before Ash Wednesday (usually around the second week of February) and lasts for five days, but the whole country stops for about two weeks. Carnaval is celebrated all over Brazil. The most famous is, of course, held in Rio, but the authentic versions of Carnaval are found outside of Rio.

The dates for 2017 are 24th February to 1st March.

If you speak some Portuguese (or even Spanish), you will find it very beneficial on this project. But don't be put off if languages aren't your thing! You're sure to pick up some of the basic words whilst you are there, and will find other ways to converse without language becoming a barrier.

Don't forget that we can also arrange some Portuguese Lessons for you during your programme if you'd like.

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers


You'll stay at one of our selected guest houses in the Santa Monica area of ‘Floripa’. The guest house is run by 3 ladies from the same family and you will be warmly welcomed Graziela, her mother and her little daughter! There are also 2 lovely cats who live in the house.

Internet access: The guest house provides free internet.

There’s a lounge with comfy sofas and a lovely balcony with hammocks in which to chill out!

You'll stay in a room with up to 3 other people; the rooms are basic but you will have a comfortable bed, there is a wardrobe and fans are provided.

The house is located in a central area of Florianopolis, near the universities, so the area around it is always busy with local people coming and going. It is just a 7 minute walk to one of the biggest shopping malls in the city and also close to supermarkets, pharmacies, shops, restaurants - a great place to be situated! At the weekends, the pubs and restaurants around are always crowded with locals who like to go out to relax and have a drink with friends. From this accommodation it is easy to get to other parts of the island using the public bus system.


This project does not provide food, however there are ample supermarkets nearby where you can stock up on provisions and you are welcome to cook in the accommodation. There is a large kitchen and you can store your food there. Alternatively, there are many eateries nearby if you would prefer to eat out.

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers

Got any questions? Please email us: info@travellersworldwide.com

You don't need any qualifications, but if you have some grastp of Portuguese or Spanish, that would be a big help.

Once you have applied for a placement, we'll contact you and send you our Welcome Pack. You'll also receive Log-on details and password for our Volunteer Extranet where you'll have access to all the documentation and information which we've put together to facilitate preparations for your adventure!

Your Project Co-ordinator for your country will liaise with you throughout the arrangements process, as well as while you're on your placement and on your return home.

The documents you'll have access to also include a Country Factfile, Safety Guide and any manuals that may assist you on your particular programme (e.g. Teaching Guide, Sports Manuals, etc.). We do all we can to make your stay one that you'll never forget. This is a truly fascinating country.

As with all our destinations, the culture and heritage is different to what you're used to, which, although one of the most exciting aspects of travelling, should be borne in mind. Self-reliance and independence are highly appreciated in all our destinations and will help you to make the most of this wonderful opportunity!    

On Arrival, your Introduction to the Country: When you arrive you will be welcomed by a representative who will take you to your accommodation and introduce you to everyone. During your first few days you'll be given an induction so that you can learn about the country and its culture, as well as other useful information, like how to use the transport system, banks, safety issues, tipping, and lots more.

"One special experience I had was with a little girl who kept herself to herself, did not speak or play with the other children. She had a bad rash and sores all over her body. She was scratching all the time. I bought her some lotions and creams to help her and she got better and better. I spent more time with her and she started talking. I got her and the other children to interact and play games together. Soon she was just one of the group and fitted in with the rest. I will never forget her and she made the experience so special for me. I really would recommend anyone to take time to be a volunteer with Travellers." Ken Russell

Feedback on the Care for Children Projects in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers

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Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers


While on your placements, you can also book some Optional Add-Ons to make the most of your Travel Experience. 


Surfing / StandUp Paddle Lessons
Portuguese Lessons
Jiu-Jitsu Lessons in Florianopolis
Capoeira Lessons in Rio
Latin Dance Lessons in Rio
Photography Lessons in Rio

Projects can also be combined with any of our other projects in Florianopolis or you could even do a second project in Rio de Janeiro (or even a different country), thus doubling your adventure and enjoyment!

Surfing Lessons in Brazil while on a volunteering placement with Travellers Worldwide


Florianópolis, or Floripa as it is more commonly known, is the capital city of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. It is composed of one main island, Ilha de Santa Catarina, and a number of surrounding small islands.

Floripa is a natural treasure with truly exceptional sights, like beautiful lagoons, stunning beaches, rolling mountains lush with Atlantic rainforest, soft white dunes and an array of small offshore islands.

The island has something for everyone, from authentic and rustic fishing villages to surfer's paradises, high-end Brazilian summer getaways, pristine and untouched nature reserves just minutes away from modern shopping malls and cinema complexes.

Its numerous white and clean sand bottom beaches attract visitors from around the world as well as holidaying Brazilians.

There are lots of funactivities, like surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, snorkelling, diving, boat tours, jiu-jitsu, hiking, whale-watching and many other ecotourism options.

Florianópolis is blessed with some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, 42 in total and has a wonderful sub-tropical climate, with average temperature between 70ºF and 90ºF, perfect for the beach!

The beaches offer everything from secluded and paradise-like getaways to nature preserves with long stretches of untouched and undeveloped coastline such as:

Lagoa da Conceição, which has several of the island's most beautiful beaches, including Joaquina, a Brazilian temple of surf and stage with immense sand dunes. It's also home to the world-wide surfing championships.

Praia Mole, another paradise of surfers and sun worshippers and a favourite of the island's young, athletic and beautiful!

Barra da Lagoa, which concentrates the biggest fishing colony of the Island of Santa Catarina and is popular with backpackers.

Praia da Galheta, a jaw-dropping coastal nature preserve completely virgin in its natural state, with a soft white sand beach, clear waters and surrounded by lush green hills.

Pantano do Sul beach, known for typical seafood restaurants and local fishing boats that make the passage to the beautiful offshore island Ilha do Campeche; and Ribeirão da Ilha, an historic district and one of the rustic fishing villages of Florianópolis.

Just 12 miles from the centre of the city, this entire part of the eastern region of the island has an advanced infrastructure and charm very popular with tourists from around the world.

Further north along the eastern coast is Moçambique, the island's longest beach and completely virgin, also a nature preserve, and Santinho beach, a more populated region offering good tourism infrastructure.

In the southern stretch of the eastern coast, Matadeiro beach is a great option for surfing.

Morro das Pedras has an agitated sea and a unique rock formation advancing into the sea.

Like Mardi Gras, Carnaval has its roots in ancient pagan ritual. The wild parties began in the Middle Ages. Over time it flourished and incorporated extravagant costumes from India and primitive carnal beats from African rhythm. Carnaval takes place before Lent where Catholic Brazilians officially gave up luxuries such as meat, alcohol and pastries.

The excitement of Carnaval builds practically all year round. Rehearsals at samba schools begin in August and marching percussion bands practise for their performances of music throughout the year.

Carnaval Balls are extreme, surreal and erotic events. There is various stages of undress, extravagant body painting, stickered tattoos, fishnets and spandex involved! Hypnotic music, grinding movements and beautiful ladies of the night vying for the camera’s attention are included in the price of the ticket. Some of these beautiful ladies are less ‘lady’ than they may appear…

Street Carnaval is all about the dancing in the streets, marching bands pump out their theme tune and other rhythms as the drag queens and party crazed people bop along behind.

The samba parades are perhaps a highlight of carnaval. As the Lonely Planet so nicely puts it, the Brazilians harness sweat, noise and confusion and turn it into art. The best Samba schools in the country prepare all year for their moment of glory. This procession is a competition of the art. There are many aspects to samba including percussion, song, dance, choreography, costumes, story line, floats and decorations. The winner of the samba parades earns admiration and the pride of Rio and all of Brazil.

To read about Travel arrangements and what happens when you arrive in your new country, please click here.

Support & Backup: To read about the excellent Support & Backup we provide before you leave and during your programme, please click here.

Care for Children in a Creche in Brazil | Gap year, career break, mature volunteers

Optional activities in Brazil


You can teach a variety of subjects to children of all ages in a choice of schools, orphanages and social assistance centres. When available you can also teach in an Argentinean Community Center Project. The Center located in central Buenos Aires and is one of our most deserving community projects.
Teach in stunning Ecuador! The government school we work with has about 200 pupils aged from 5 to 14 years old come from many different economic backgrounds and family situations. Some of the children are sponsored by the employers of their parents, others cannot attend school every day as they work as street vendors for part of the week.