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If you have any maintenance / handyman / DIY skills, this project would love to have you! The project is truly unique ... you'll be assisting an Animal Rehabilitation Center that would appreciate any help it can get - and you'll be benefiting the animals at the same time!

The location is very unusual and conservationists are lovely people to work with! On this placement you'll use lots of energy and your own initiative to improve and expand the facilities in the Sanctuary. You'll leave with a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Situated in the beautiful subtropical city of Durban, it’s an experience that you’ll never, ever forget.

Location: KwaZulu-Natal, near Durban
Start dates: Available all year round, you choose your start date
From 2 weeks to 1 year, subject to visa requirements
Requirements: No qualifications required, but you should have some maintenance, handyman or DIY skills, plus the confidence to use your own initiative. Minimum age 17.
Compensation: Unpaid
Price: Full Price List
How to Fundraise for your Placement

Accommodation included  Food included  No qualifications required

What's included:
Arranging the internship,
Full pre-departure support and assistance,
Payment Protection insurance
Meeting you at the nearest airport/station
Transfer to your accommodation
In-country team support and backup
24-hr emergency support
Certificate of Completion.

What's not included: Flights, travel insurance, cost of visa, return transfer to the airport.

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This project is located in an Animal Rehabilitation Center which does wonderful work with abandoned and abused animals. Where animals can be rehabilitated, they're released back into the wild, but where they are too vulnerable owing to injuries or other factors, they're given a home in the sanctuary for the rest of their lives. They also operate as an education center for local children and others, to inform them of the need for conservation. The Center does unbelievably good work.

The Center has been very fortunate in receiving a grant from the National Lottery. This means that they are now able to embark on a schedule of much-needed improvements and expansion for the entire Sanctuary. This includes:

  • A total remake of the Education Center,

  • Repairing, paving and improving the pathways to make them wheelchair-friendly,

  • Improving the reception area,

  • Building a tea garden facility (which will help to bring in income which can be used to house and rehabilitate more needy animals),

  • Building two staff houses

  • Upgrading the ablution facilities.

  • Two new offices need to be built

  • Repairs to the roofs of the Education Center and staff houses (which really need it!)

  • A lot of fencing is also needed.

  • Upgrading the Clinic

  • Extending and electrifying the baboon enclosure

  • Extending the baby bird room.

  • Clearing of alien vegetation and creating a boundary around the electric fence which gets set off by overgrown vegetation.

  • Upgrading the Vervet monkey enclosure

  • Upgrading the aviaries and goose pans

  • Building two new volunteer cabins

  • Plumbing water to the new antelope enclosure and putting up a shelter

The Center needs electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters, welders, painters and general handymen/women who would like to get their hands dirty. This work is all in the pipeline for this year and will be available at various stages.

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The center for rehabilitation of wildlife is situated KwaZulu-Natal. It is a wildlife hospital that cares for the injured and orphaned wild animals and birds and the only center of its kind in the Province.

VISION: To be an independent, pioneering force in the protection and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife, while promoting the preservation of their natural habitat.

MISSION STATEMENT: The center is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned and injured wildlife, and believes in action and education with regard to the protection of all natural resources

The center has a few depots in and around the Province and is considered to be one of the leading rehabilitation Centres in South Africa. The center is committed to conservation and strives to return all rescued and rehabilitated wildlife to their natural habitat.  Any wild animal, (not domestic or agricultural), that has been injured, rescued or abandoned, is admitted free of charge. Almost 90% of animals admitted to the center, have sustained injuries due to human negligence. These animals are tended to by staff and volunteers whose love, care and dedication is unconditional, around the clock.

It takes time and dedication; and a lot of donor funding, to rehabilitate these animals and to prepare them to be re-introduced in their natural environment. Some animals' injuries are so severe that they cannot be rehabilitated and therefore become permanent residents at the center.

As the Center is a non-profit organisation with no financial aid from the government or any large concern, they are solely reliant on our fundraising initiatives and the generosity and goodwill of the public.  As the running costs are approximately £ 11 000 or more a month, there is very little funding that can be applied to appointing full time staff. The active volunteer program is the lifeblood of this organisation, especially during the spring and summer months when lots of orphan baby animals are brought to the center for care.


  • An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into Africa and the many diverse cultures in South Africa

  • New skills, more confidence, a greater understanding of a different culture, invaluable personal and professional development.

  • An entry on your CV or résumé that will put you head and shoulders above most others in the job market

  • And best of all ... an unforgettable experience!

In a world of competition where an army of graduates are lining up for the top jobs, what would set you apart from the crowd and make employees look twice? Having had work experience in a foreign culture is an excellent entry on your CV or résumé and can make the difference to whether you get the job your want or not. Education establishments and employers are looking for that little bit extra today. Nothing shows as much motivation, initiative and passion as arranging your own cultural experience abroad and gaining real life work experience.

At this Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, every hand is a hand that directly or indirectly helps feed the tiny abandoned baby animals or injured wildlife and helps them on a road to recovery so that they may be released back into their natural environment.

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Maintenance working at the Center

Getting up close and personal with "Your clients"
Up close and personal with the inmates!

You're in the heart of Zulu country. This is Paul and Will, temporary members of the tribe!

There is a fully furnished volunteer house that accommodates up to 8 volunteers at a time. It's surrounded by garden and lots of greenery. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms and volunteers share rooms. The house is within the security of the Rehabilitation Center and surrounded by an electric fence.

Your food and accommodation are included on this project. Sufficient food is purchased for the house on a weekly basis to provide 3 meals per day. We will ascertain whether you have any special dietary requirements, such as if you are a vegetarian, and these will be met by the volunteer co-ordinator within reason.

Volunteers cook their own meals out of the food provided. In addition to the stove in the house, there is also a braai (barbeque) area to cook outdoor meals. There is a Spar (general grocer) within 10 minutes walk of the house. The shopping complex also has a post office and internet café.

The house is serviced once a week by a cleaner but you'll keep your accommodation clean and tidy during your stay. A washing machine is available and you can do your laundry on the premises. A safe is available at the main office. Mobile phones do operate with full reception on-site and it is a requirement that you bring one with you.

To read about Travel arrangements and what happens when you arrive in your new country, please click here.

Support & Backup: To read about the excellent Support & Backup we provide before you leave and during your program, please click here.

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