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We help schools in a few different locations, each with its own unique attractions and experience. Please select one from the list below that appeals to you the most.

You can combine two or three different projects to gain a broad Africa experience. You can also teach a variety of subjects, including Conversational English (or your home language), Music, Drama, Sports, IT, Design Technology and many other Academic subjects. You don't need any qualifications to teach on any of these projects.

Teach Children in a School in Cape Town, South Africa
Assist in a school in Cape Town that has many children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. The majority of the children come from townships in the surrounding area and exposure to volunteers from around the world benefits them hugely.

You'll work with children ranging from 5 to 13 years old. You can teach English and language enrichment, as well as coaching Sports, teaching Music, Art, Computers, or any other subject that you have particular knowledge in.

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Teach Design Technology to Children in Schools in Knysna
Design Technology enables children to become free thinking, creative and to use their imagination. Many of the poorer township schools know little about the subject and are in desperate need for people with design experience to come to their schools, bringing with them their own ideas and hopefully helping to nurture a new generation of design thinkers in South Africa.

You'll stay in a volunteer house within walking distance of town and the vey beautiful waterfront marine with its restaurants, cafes and bars

Teach at a Deaf School in Cape Town in South Africa
Help children with hearing difficulties. Work in a school in Cape Town that caters for partially and fully deaf children. You'll work with children from 3 to 13 years old, right from when they're first introduced to sign language. The content of the lessons is the same as a regular school, so any subjects you have some knowledge in would be most welcome.

Teach and Care for Mentally and Physically Impaired Children in Cape Town, South Africa [BP]
Help in a school that has just over 200 children with physical and intellectual impairments. The pupils are aged from 3 years old to 18. There are four sections covering nursery, junior, middle and senior.

Work as a classroom assistant or class aide (helping children in and out of wheelchairs for different activities, or helping the teacher with various class activities, like painting, doing puzzles).

Teach and Care for Children with Physical Disabilities and Special Needs in Cape Town, South Africa (VN)
Assist in a primary school for children with a variety of disabilities or special needs. Some of today’s pupils have cerebral palsy. Some children have other syndromes or conditions such as muscular dystrophy, multiple physical impairment, ADHD and specific learning disabilities. You'll work in five different areas, including class aide, 'scribe' administration, libary and generally filling in wherever you're needed

Teach and care for physically disabled and special needs children in South Africa 

Teach and Care for Children with Autism in Cape Town in South Africa (Ver)
Work in a Center and Hostel for children with Autism, as a classroom and hostel assistant. You may help where children need special attention, or to work with a small group while the teacher works with another group. School work varies with different age groups, but is based on the normal school activities – a great deal of one-to-one attention is needed and children learn basic skills.

You'll also be able to help with supervised activities like swimming, "play time” duty and indoor supervision of children

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List of ALL PROJECTS in South Africa

Volunteer Julia Makin teaching music at a disadvantaged school in Knysna, South Africa