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Care for Kids in a Children's Safe-House in Knysna in South Africa
Assist the trained Carers in a children’s Safe-House in the local township by helping to care for children from abusive backgrounds. You'll work with a variety of ages, from assisting in the soup kitchen, general caring for the youngsters, and observing counselling to HIV sufferers. You'll help with basic Reading, Writing, Maths, games, homework and generally keep them stimulated and entertained by providing educational activities. 

Care for Children in the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town
Children from a few months old to 12 years of age attend this Children's Hospital for specialised treatment. You'll visit the children, hand out toys, play and interact with them, and give them lots of comfort and love. The Matron says, “The kids love having volunteers from overseas" because even something as simple as entertaining the children with stories lifts their morale and helps the healing process.


Street Kids Project: Social Work / Care in a Youth Development Center in Knysna, South Africa (Sineth)
Helping out with anything from basic schooling, such as reading or writing, to community projects and life skills lessons. Your work will combine many aspects that all help to provide a caring environment where guidance and assessment is offered to children living on the streets and children at risk. The purpose is to prepare the youngssters to re-enter mainstream schooling and domestic home life again. A very worthwile project.
The Street Kids Project in South Africa

Care for Children in a Creche in Knysna, South Africa (TWS512)
Help prepare the children for primary school. Many come from underprivileged homes and therefore any help they can get from volunteers is greatly appreciated. You'll use fun activities and educational programmes to greatly benefit their social and mental development. You'll have a lot of freedom to set up your own day's activities, if you would like to, and also to paint murals to brighten up the class rooms.

Care for Children in a Creche in South Africa
Psychology, Counselling and Social Work, in Knysna, South Africa
This organisation focuses on providing Counselling services to people in need of support owing to emotional problems they may be suffering from. These can include marital and family stress, depression, mid-life crisis, divorce counselling, HIV-related counselling, conflict management and parenting. This is Work Experience rather than an Internship
Social Work with Families in South Africa with Travellers Worldwide

Teach at a Deaf School in Cape Town in South Africa
Help children with hearing difficulties. Work in a school in Cape Town that caters for partially and fully deaf children. You'll work with children from 3 to 13 years old, right from when they're first introduced to sign language. The content of the lessons is the same as a regular school, so any subjects you have some knowledge in would be most welcome.

Teach and Care for Mentally and Physically Impaired Children in Cape Town, South Africa [BP]
Help in a school that has just over 200 children with physical and intellectual impairments. The pupils are aged from 3 years old to 18. There are four sections covering nursery, junior, middle and senior.

Work as a classroom assistant or class aide (helping children in and out of wheelchairs for different activities, or helping the teacher with various class activities, like painting, doing puzzles).

Teach and Care for Children with Physical Disabilities and Special Needs in Cape Town, South Africa (VN)
Assist in a primary school for children with a variety of disabilities or special needs. Some of today’s pupils have cerebral palsy. Some children have other syndromes or conditions such as muscular dystrophy, multiple physical impairment, ADHD and specific learning disabilities. You'll work in five different areas, including class aide, 'scribe' administration, libary and generally filling in wherever you're needed

Teach and care for physically disabled and special needs children in South Africa 

Teach and Care for Children with Autism in Cape Town in South Africa (Ver)
Work in a Center and Hostel for children with Autism, as a classroom and hostel assistant. You may help where children need special attention, or to work with a small group while the teacher works with another group. School work varies with different age groups, but is based on the normal school activities – a great deal of one-to-one attention is needed and children learn basic skills.

You'll also be able to help with supervised activities like swimming, "play time” duty and indoor supervision of children

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